Jim Kerouak makes is Belami cum back with this new scene. Jim has spent the last 18 months sculpting his body to perfection, just in time for this scene with out hungry Hungarian Raphael Nyon. The scene opens with the boys getting acquainted, their tops are off within seconds and the pair embrace in some serious kissing (Raphael looks like he has missed Jim as much as you!).

The pair fall to the bed, Raphael is on top of Jim and Jim doesn’t mind at all. Raphael goes down on Jim’s cock before lapping is tongue around Jim’s bulging balls. Jim then takes Raphael’s cock in his mouth and Raphael is only to happy to force Jim’s further and further down his shaft. They kiss some more but it looks like Raphael has more on his mind… Jim lies face down on the bed and Raphael firstly massages him then takes his tongue to his ass (just the trick to loosen Jim up).

Jim gets onto all fours with Raphael masterfully behind him, Jim slides back and forth on Raphael’s perfectly formed cock. Jim is soon on his back, again taking that rhythmic cock with ease while Raphael counties to fund and play with Jim’s  cock. Raphael takes it up a gear and Jim starts to groan more intensely and cuts with Raphael still inside him. The scene ends as Raphael flips Jim onto the bed, grabs his own cock and shoots his load over Jim’s perfectly smooth face.

Not sure who is more hungry? Raphael? or Jim’s ass?

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