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Category: UK Hot Jocks

UK Hot Jocks: Rubbergeddon Matt Anders & Jack Taylor

In a super piggy bright yellow, Jack Taylor presses his physique through the tight, semi-transparent rubber, his tattoos, nipples and abs showing though the gear. Nose ring, wet look style, he’s rocking the punky rubber pig look! In a more traditional but no less hot thick black chaps and a harness, Matt Anders looks like

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Uk Hot Jocks: Locker Jock with Rico Fatale

Sexy Rico rubs his hands over his silky black shorts and under his grey vest, all the while giving us that sexy snarling Wolverine look… hot! Flashing his abs and dark pubes, the vest comes off, he’s pinching his nipples and staring down the lens. Turning around, teasing the back of his shorts down to

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Uk Hot Jocks: Rubbergeddon with Dani Robles & Aarin Asker

Absolutely smouldering in rubber, Dani Robles rubs his hands over his slick and tightly latex clad body, waiting for a boy to join him in the Rubergeddon play pit. Aarin Asker swaggers up to him, cheeky, sexy and with bulging muscles. The big pig emblem on his chest suggests he’ll be up for some hard

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UK Hot Jocks: Locker Jock – Tyler Underwood

Cutie pie and total sex bomb Tyler Underwood looks like Irish cream wouldn’t melt in his mouth. Sweet, innocent and a little charmer, he chats with our Sam about his life in Ireland and his decision to get into porn.. not that we’re questioning why, we couldn’t be happier! He’s a highly sexed boy, as

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Uk Hot Jocks: Rubbergeddon with Hans Berlin & Brent

The sub waits on his knees, masked, anonymous. Red and black, tight and shiny, his bulging pecs stretching his rubber t-shirt in all the right places. Thick thighs strain his shorts, and hands wander over his slicked up body, pleasing himself, unaware of his surroundings or any potential Sir’s who might want to use him.

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Uk Hot Jocks: Rubbergeddon with Kayden Gray & Koby Lewis

Cute boy turned filthy submissive rubber slut, Koby Lewis caresses his black and yellow slick gear, feeling every thigh muscle, every visceral ridge and a hardening bulge behind his cod piece. He’s hungry, in need of something very big to satisfy him. A curious Kayden Gray appears, looking smoking hot in chaps, Jock and harness,

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Uk Hot Jocks: Locker Jock with Dani Robles

Lacing up his bright blue trainers, hyper masculine Dani Robles flicks his eyes towards the camera. He’s tall, broad and hairy, a veritable Gaston! Running his hands over his sports gear, they soon make their way to his crotch, groping and gripping. Licking his fingers they then slide int the side of his shorts, teasing

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Cheeky chappie Hans is a German giant and our new best friend! Warm and gentle, he’s the perfect gentleman and not at all intimidating, despite his large muscular frame. Hans is stacked, huge chest, arms and legs but coupled with those soft blue eyes and that big smile, he’s positively lovely… and sexy as fuck!

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Uk Hot Jocks: LockerJock with Sunny Colucci

For what Sunny lacks in English linguistics he more than makes up for with his phenomenal sex appeal, this guy is off the chart! So we skip the interview and get straight to the good stuff. In a skin tight blue wrestling singlet with an obscenely hot bulge that only get’s hotter and more obscene

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Uk Hot Jocks: Spanish Milk with Josh Milk & Nick North

Nick is driving through the the warm, rocky and unpredictable Spanish countryside when he stumbles upon a rural legend. A naked wild man who wanders the hills looking for cock and conquests. When opportunity stands nude, a-top a hill side, you climb up and take it and that’s exactly what Nick North does! Following him

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