Noir Male, Osiris Blade, Michael Roman, Work Out Warm Up

Noir Male - Osiris Blade & Michael Roman - Work Out Warm Up

This week at Studs Michael Roman and Osiris Blade have decided that they will hook up before they work out. Osiris is doing his stretches in his Lycra gym wear as Michael walks in. Mr Roman takes a seat on the couch to admire the view that lays in front of him. He makes a comment to his gym buddy that surely he isn’t comfortable working out is such tight gear. Not one to miss an opprtunity Mr Blade grabs his admirer’s hand and places it firmly on his massive bulge.

Turned on and wanting to ditch the gym for another kind of workout, Michael drops to his knees. Who needs a gym when you can burn calories and enjoy yourself at the same time. Michael cannot wait to unwrap the huge package that Osiris has in his pants. Enjoying the moment Michael caresses Osiris’s erect cock and enjoys revealing the monster cock. Once he sees it, he wants it in every way he can. 

The pair enjoy each other’s body’s with plenty of oral action and dick slurping. Osiris munches on his gym buddies meaty ass, preparing it for a hard fucking. These guys certainly have chemistry and hopefully this will be the start of many “work out” sessions to come! 


Michael Roman couldn't wait to get his ass worked out by Osiris Blade's Thick Cock!


Sexual Morning Lust with Tommy Dreams and Dani Brown

FuckerMate – Morning Lust with Tommy Dreams and Dani Brown Fuckermate’s Columbian stud muffin Dani Brown has just woken up. Dani cannot stop thinking about his master fuck with Tommy Dreams. Lucky for us we are invited inside his head, and go back to the time when the duo hooked up. Tommy appears fully exposed

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Sir Peter Men at Play, Bastian Karim Men at Play, Student Affir Men at Play, Men at Play

Extra Marks for Bastian Karim, with Sir Peter in Student Affair

Men at Play’s – Student Affair Starring Sir Peter and Bastian Karim Sexy hung Sir Peter has recently discovered that one of his students, Bastian Karim has had a sexual encounter with the school director. Usually, Sir Peter would not have an issue with however he finds the innocent-looking student irresistible. Sir Peter wants a

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Chris Cool, Hatler, Paul Canon,, Horny Motors

Horny Motors Part 2 with Chris Cool, Paul Canon and Hatler – Horny Motors Part 2 with Chris Cool, Paul Canon and Hatler Paul Canon is having some romantic sex with his boyfriend Chris Cool when his side piece, Hatler, sneaks into the bedroom! To avoid arousing Chris’s suspicions, Paul cuffs and blindfolds him, then puts him on their riding sex machine as he secretly

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Phoenix, Brysen, Sean Cody!

Brysen and Phoenix Play – Sean Cody

Sean Cody – Brysen & Phoenix Making his Sean Cody debut, hot mustached Phoenix will be bottoming. Phoenix tells Brysen he’s looking forward to “Just something very sensual, slow…” Brysen laughingly replied, “Have you watched my films?” Knowing this Brysen seems to enjoy the change of pace as he and Phoenix kiss each other’s necks

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Men at Play’s New Hire with Sir Peter & Donato Reyes

The New Hire – With Sir Peter and Donato Reyes – Men at Play Business is going very well and Sir Peter is expanding his sales team and hired a new team member. Donato Reyes has come into the office to sign his employment contract. First, Sir Peter shows Donato around the office. He seems

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Men at Play, Hustler 2, D Dan, Axel Brown

The Hustler 2 with Axel Brown and D Dan – Men at Play

Men at Play’s – Hustler 2 Starring Axel Brown and D Dan You know that being suited changes the way people look at you completely. The question is what if you are a young hustler and in the business of entertainment? D Dan has everything prepared for an evening of sexual companionship. He takes out

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