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Category: Blake Mason

James Bennett, Tommy Steele, Blake Mason

James Bennett & Tommy Steele Bang at Blake Mason

Blake Mason – James Bennett & Tommy Steele When saw Tommy in his first duo in January, they desperately wanted to get him back as soon as possible. They had the right guy for him too, with sexy James eager to get back in front of the cameras and get to know another one

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Alexander Suares, Koby Lewis, Blake Mason

Blake Mason Heat Things Up with Koby Lewis and Alexander Suares

Blake Mason – Koby Lewis & Alexander Suares Sexy new arrival Alexander knew who he wanted to get fucked by for his debut, and of course handsome and fit young hunk Koby was more than down for that! They make a great team, making out in their undies, groping for dick, releasing the other’s hard

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David Luca, Kai Davis, Blake Mason

Blake Mason : David Luca & Kai Davis

Blake Mason Kai Davis & David Luca Kai is one of those masculine men so many of the other guys want to team up with for a video, so when Blake Mason asked David if he was down to fuck he couldn’t wait to get in front of the cameras with the guy. The passion

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James Bennett Frankie Quinn, Blake Mason

James Bennett & Frankie Quinn Flip Flop at Blake Mason

Blake Mason Flip Flopping Makes Him Cum Hands-Free! – James Bennett & Frankie Quinn Blake Mason Writes…. Bisexual Frankie is back for some more cock fun, and who better to team him up with than gorgeous James and his big uncut dick?! The two really have it going on from the first moments, kissing and

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Blake Mason Dante Lucas plays with Cain Fonda

Blake Mason Dante Lucas & Cain Fonda Sweet 19-year-old Cain was pretty nervous when he arrived, so much so that Blake Mason were a little worried about how things would go. It turns out that was just first-time nerves, because as soon as handsome and horny Dante got him on the bed things started going

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EF Stan, Frankie Quinn, Blake Mason

EF Stan & Frankie Quinn Meet at Blake Mason

Blake Mason Greek Boy Rammed & Drenched In Cum! – Frankie Quinn & EF Stan After Blake Mason saw EF getting the thick of Xavier in June they knew they wanted more of the sexy Greek boy. Frankie definitely wasn’t gonna turn down the chance to fill that arse! They haven’t seen him since March,

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Aaron Lautner, Michael Wyatt, Blake Mason

Blake Mason Aaron Lautner & Michael Wyatt

Blake Mason Fucked by a Spanish Cock – Aaron Lautner & Michael Wyatt Blake Mason thought it was about time they had Spanish guy Aaron back for another hardcore fuck. Michael was eager to get back in front of the camera and have some fun just at that same moment. Needless to say, Blake Mason

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Blake Mason: Jed Munroe & Gabriel Phoenix Deep Access

Jed wastes no time before he’s sucking on the hairy hunk’s long and throbbing cock! With Gabriel turning his attention to that perfect arse we instantly know from the position Jed is in that he’s a dancer. He gives Gabriel full access to his tight hole, his legs wide so Gabriel can dig in deep.

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Blake Mason: Billy Rock & Kayden Gray

It’s been almost a year since we last enjoyed the sight of handsome Kayden sharing his cock with another lad, so naturally when he called up we were eager to get him back in for more fun. Billy was the perfect choice for this duo, we knew they would be amazing together and they definitely

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Blake Mason: Kamyk Walker & David Paw

Kamyk is a very horny young man always ready for some fun, so it should come as no surprise that when David arrives to find him toying with his cock on the couch the boy is soon sucking on that big tanned boner! After servicing David’s gorgeous dick Kamyk’s ass is getting some hole rimming,

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