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Category: Falcon Studios

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Cade Maddox and Jimmy West Explore

Work from Home – Falcon Studios Starring Cade Maddox & Jimmy West Launching June 4th at Falcon Studios. Cade Maddox and Jimmy West share their sex lives together. these pair cannot get enough of one another. They are literally at it all day every day. When there is a spare moment in the day,

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London Calling, Falcon Studios, Colton Reece, Austin Sugar

London Calling at Falcon Studios with Colton Reece & Austin Sugar

Falcon Studios – London Calling with Colton Reece & Austin Sugar Colton Reece is walking the streets of London Town when Austin Sugar spots him hanging out on the sidewalk. Colton’s eyes quickly light up as Austin flashes him a smile. Curious about this cruising stud, Colton needs to know more about this sexy stranger

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The Pledge, Falcon Studios,Devin Franco, Nic Sahara, Zak Bishop, Colton Reece, Trevor Miller

The Finale of Falcon Studios The Pledge Has Arrived!

Falcon Studios – The Pledge Finale withDevin Franco, Nic Sahara, Zak Bishop, Colton Reece & Trevor Miller Are you ready for the finale of the’s epic movie “the Pledge”? Now it has arrived and you haven’t seen anything quite like it.  The final hazing ceremony at the fraternity, has been set. Whoever gets through

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The Pledge, Falcon Studios, Devin Franco, Colton Reece

Devin Franco & Colton Reece Take The Pledge at Falcon Studios

Falcon Studios – The Pledge with Colton Reece & Devin Franco Launching 29th March at Colton Reece blindfolds Devin Franco and drives him to an undisclosed location to use him as Colton sees fit. When they arrive, Colton keeps the blindfold on Devin and cuts right to the chase, bending the sight-deprived Devin over

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Nick Fitt, Aaron Savvy, Falcon Studios, Get Wet

Get Wet with Nick Fitt & Aaron Savvy at Falcon Studios

Falcon Studios – Nick Fitt & Aaron Savvy Get Wet Aaron Savvy is out lying by the pool taking in the sun when Nick Fitt gets in the water. Nick can’t seem to get Aaron’s attention, so he throws water on the sunbathing stud. It gets the desired result and Aaron joins Nick in the

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Taste of Brazil, Falcon Studios, Johnny V, Remy Cruze

Grab a Taste of Brazil with Remy Cruze & Johnny V

Falcon Studios A Taste of Brazil with Johnny V & Remy Cruze Remy Cruze is enjoying a quick dip in the pool before going inside to find a sleeping Johnny V in the sunroom. Remy swirls around Johnny’s nipple once with his tongue to wake up the jacked stud. Johnny V comes to right away

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Ryan Rose, Kayden Gray, Falcon Studios, Cock by The Ocean

Ryan Rose & Kayden Gray Enjoy Cock By The Ocean

Falcon Studios Cock By the Ocean with Ryan Rose & Kayden Gray Step into your perfect vacation of a porn paradise with Falcon Studios. Glorious clear blue skies and crashing waves are the perfect backdrops for Ryan Rose and Kayden Gray who decide that this Tel Aviv beach is clothing optional. After briefly sunning themselves they

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Falcon Studios Work it Up with Pierce Paris & Devin Franco

Falcon Studios Work it Up with Pierce Paris & Devin Franco Falcon Studio’s bring you Work it up! Devin Franco arrives to the offices and accidentally walks in on Pierce Paris taking a leak. Embarrassed but amazed by Pierce’s huge member at the same time, he sits at the conference table and waits for his

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Massimo Piano, Klein Kerr, Falcon Studios, Summer Romance

Rooftop Romance with Klein Kerr & Massimo Piano

Falcon Studios Rooftop Romance with Klein Kerr & Massimo Piano Falcon Studios Bring International boyfriends Massimo Piano and Klein Kerr together on film! They  show Tel Aviv what love looks like as they playfully frolic from the city streets up to the semi-private patio of their hotel room. An impromptu dance lesson gets both men

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