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Category: Butch Dixon

Butch Dixon with Frank Valencia and Dani Robles

Butch Dixon Frank Valencia & Danny Robles 2 of our favourite sexy hunks have landed at Bitch Dixon.  Dani Robles  makes his red hot debut with bi, show off Frank Valencia is back to put Dani through his paces.  He sorts  out those hairy sexy buns Valencia style. Its a sleazy pick up and Frank

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Butch Dixon: Wilson Blanco & Leonardo Lucatto

ome of these mean, arrogant fuckers are the kinda guys you really wouldn’t wanna meet in real life, but when it comes to a nasty, arrogant fucker for sex – Leonardo Lucatto really looks the part ( he’s a great guy in real life but WOW he plays a real mean fuck!). Wilson Blanco can’t

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Butch Dixon: Chase Acland & Teddy Torres

We know you luv him as much as you’re gonna luv Chase Acland, our stunning, tall, dark and hairy Teddy Torres is back to spread, plough and seed some more raw hole, just for you! We luv watching these, handsome, stunning men as they ditch the rubbers and go at each others hairy holes just

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Butch Dixon: Rogue Status & Mick Stallone

Its rough and tumble time as studly gents Rogue Status ( you’ve seen him top but this guys a real hot bottom too) and Mick Stallone, (who’s just a total versatile, stunning, cock-hound) get down to the sweaty and nasty. Mick Stallone is in like Flynn as Rogue sucks his big, dark, uncut dick to

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Butch Dixon: Wade Steel & Dani Robles

OMCFG ( thats OMG with a couple of extra expletives ) cop and eyeful of these two Danny and Wade, as tall and broad as they are ripped and sexy, just add a very sexy, bristling beard, two huge sexual appetites and those oversized dicks and its gonna be scorching. Danny’s a 100% beef, dark

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Butch Dixon: Sergio Moreno & Mario Domenech

Bend over and take it handsome! I always LUV shooting with Mario Domenech, he so obviously luvs getting fucked and to get a big, hairy, masculine, strapping man to be such an eager-happy bottom is a treat. We shot Sergio a few months ago and have been trying to get him back ( and bareBACK)

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