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Category: Titan Men

Titan Men Cum Laude with Dirk Caber & Jackson Grant

  Titan Men Cum Laude with Dirk Caber & Jackson Grant Titan Men brought the heat in Cum Laude. Lounging by the pool, Jackson Grant is joined by professor Dirk Caber: “I knew you looked good under that suit and tie, but damn!” He smiles up at Dirk, whose cock pops out in the bearded

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Titan Men: New Rules with Dirk Caber and Dakota Rivers

When Muscle Meets Muscle the results can only be of epic proportions! Well have done it again with their latest scene from New Rules. This time we get the ultimate pairing of Daddy Dirk Caber and Dakota Rivers. The Sweaty fuck session left us wiping our brows!

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Titan Men: New Rules with Dirk Caber & Daymin Voss

“I’m always a bit of an early riser,” says Dirk Caber as houseguest Daymin Voss greets him good morning. “I see you are, too!” he smiles, grabbing the bulge in Daymin’s shorts. They head inside, groins grinding before Daymin deep throats his host. Dirk fucks his face, then plants his nose to Daymin’s bush. They

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Titan Men: Dick Danger 2 with Liam Knox & Dakota Rivers

This is his city. Nothing happens here without Dick coming out on top—unless he encounters the likes of Dakota Rivers, who always has his back. The two slowly ditch their fedoras and tight tank tops, Dakota going down on his private dick. “That’s why I trust you with anything,” moans Liam, bending down for a

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Titan Men: Beef with Liam Knox & Daymin Voss

In the latest release from Titan Men it all starts off with “Nice ink,” admires Liam Knox to fellow construction worker Daymin Voss. Liam shows his own tattoo as they flex. “What do you think?” asks Daymin. “I think we ought to fuck,” says Liam, the two kissing as their hairy bodies grind. Daymin slurps

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Titan Men: Big Brother Scene 4: Liam Knox and Lorenzo Flexx

Electrician Liam Knox gives apprentice Lorenzo Flexx some pointers at the switch box. “I really enjoy working with you,” says Lorenzo, staring intently at him. Liam grips his shoulder, moving in for a kiss as their jean bulges grind. Liam nibbles Lorenzo’s lip and takes charge, keeping the sub under his spell as he guides

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Titan Men: Big Brother with Tristan Jaxx & Luke Adams

Luke Adams gets caught in his jockstrap by gym bud Tristan Jaxx: “Damn dude, that’s a big ass.” Tristan fingers the jock’s muscle butt, slapping it as they smooch. Luke grabs the big bulge in Tristan’s shorts, the tent pole grinding against him. Luke frees the beast (“Fuck, dude! Holy shit!”), sucking it deep before

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Titan Men: L.A. Cruising: Bruce Beckham with Micah Brandt

Bruce Beckham and Micah Brandt share a mutual look back at each other that combusts when they get inside. Bruce frees his beast, prompting a “Jesus!” from the wide-eyed Micah, who falls to his knees. Bruce holds the sucker’s head down as he makes Micah choke on it, the voracious sucker gasping for air (“Beat

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Titan Men: LA Cruising Scene 2 with Tex Davidson & Jacob Durham

Spotting Jacob Durham across the street, Tex Davidson gives a nod—getting motioned over by the blue-collar stud, who leads him into a building. “Wow, man!” marvels Jacob as Tex releases his monster, which gets shoved deep down the sub’s throat. Tex slams his steel slab on the sucker’s chest, then makes him gulp it down.

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