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  • Category: Titan Men

    Titan Men: Sling with Alex Mecum & Tex Davidson

    Tex Davidson delivers a sling to Alex Mecum, the clean-cut jock staring at the blue-collar stud as they set it up. “Anything else I can do for you?” asks Tex, getting up close to the tall Alex as they rub each other’s bulges. Tex releases his huge cock, Alex smiling as he drops to his

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    Titan Men: Sling with Adam Ramzi & Jason Vario

    Adam Ramzi has a package for warehouse stud Jason Vario, who tells the deliveryman that they make play gear. ìLike for playgrounds?î asks Adam. ìNo,î laughs Jason, leading him to a sling. ìThink a little more adult.î Jason deep throats Adamís uncut cock, which bursts out of his uniform. Adam bends over for a kiss,

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    Titan Men: TaXXX with Liam Knox & Bennett Anthony

    Escort Bennett Anthony mistakes sharp-dressed tax inspector Liam Knox as his next client. “Looks like you do a little more than massage here,” says the observant Liam—who is happy to accept a full body massage as payment for his silence. Bennett takes out the stud’s already-stiff dick, devouring it deep. “Show me those work skills,”

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    Titan Men: TaXXX with Matthew Bosch & Jason Vario

    Agent Matthew Bosch hits the jackpot on an audit visit of Jason Vario, who claims his home office as a deduction. “Most home offices don’t have a bed,” observes Matthew. “C’mon, man,” responds Jason, who soon grabs his own bulge. “Don’t bust my balls.” The agent smiles: “I’m sure we can work something out.” They

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    Titan Men: TaXXX with Eddy Ceetee & Alex Mecum

    “These taxes are driving me crazy!” complains Alex Mecum as Eddy CeeTee rubs his shoulders. “Taxes are hard.” Responds Eddy: “So am I.” He swivels Alex around for a kiss, Alex wrapping his legs around the beefy bod. Eddy kisses Alex’s chiseled frame, a big smile spreading across his face as he lands on the

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    Titan Men: Package with Matthew Bosch & Dirk Caber

    Policeman Dirk Caber comes home to find husband Matthew Bosch stroking his monster while watching Hunter’s porn. Dirk gets on his knees to worship Matthew’s meat, engulfing his balls. “You haven’t showered, have you?” asks Dirk as he takes a whiff. “You smell damn good…how much of that’s you and how much of that’s him?”

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