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    Allen King, Donato Reyes, Men at Play

    Dad’s Colleague with Allen King & Donato Reyes

    Men at Play – Dad’s Colleague Starring Allen King & Donato Reyes Young gun Allen King arrives home and decides to finish his coursework in the living room until his dad arrives. Shortly after, the doorbell rings and he opens the door. Allen finds a work colleague of his dad’s, Donato Reyes, who has come

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    Charlie Cherry & Dani Robles – Men At Play – 5-Star Plumbing 2

    Men at Play’s – 5-Star Plumbing 2 Dani Robles and Charlie Cherry Many of us have had a fantasy about fucking (or getting fucked by) the plumber – and Charlie Cherry gets to live it out with blue-collar building attendant, Dani Robles. A leaky faucet in a luxury apartment requires immediate attention, so when the

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    Bruno Max & Franky Fox are Parched at Men at Play

    Men at Play’s – Parched Bruno Max and Franky Fox Get Intimate Being part of one of the most elite private gentleman’s club in the world, Bruno Max has seen it all. You ask him about something and the chances are he has seen it or done it. Mr Max is at the top of

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    Manuel Reyes & Cristian Sam Helping Hand

    Men at Play Presents a Helping Hand Starring Manuel Reyes and Cristian Sam Manuel Reyes reluctantly stayed late to let in the technician who was coming to repair the projector before a board meeting the next day. He was taken aback when he saw Cristian Sam, dressed in grey worker pants and a white t-shirt,

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    Sir Peter Men at Play, Bastian Karim Men at Play, Student Affir Men at Play, Men at Play

    Extra Marks for Bastian Karim, with Sir Peter in Student Affair

    Men at Play’s – Student Affair Starring Sir Peter and Bastian Karim Sexy hung Sir Peter has recently discovered that one of his students, Bastian Karim has had a sexual encounter with the school director. Usually, Sir Peter would not have an issue with however he finds the innocent-looking student irresistible. Sir Peter wants a

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    Men at Play’s New Hire with Sir Peter & Donato Reyes

    The New Hire – With Sir Peter and Donato Reyes – Men at Play Business is going very well and Sir Peter is expanding his sales team and hired a new team member. Donato Reyes has come into the office to sign his employment contract. First, Sir Peter shows Donato around the office. He seems

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    Men at Play, Hustler 2, D Dan, Axel Brown

    The Hustler 2 with Axel Brown and D Dan – Men at Play

    Men at Play’s – Hustler 2 Starring Axel Brown and D Dan You know that being suited changes the way people look at you completely. The question is what if you are a young hustler and in the business of entertainment? D Dan has everything prepared for an evening of sexual companionship. He takes out

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    Bruno Max, Donato Reyes, Men at Play, Wet Play

    Wet Play Pt. 2 with Bruno max and Donata Reyes Men at Play

    Men at Play – Wet Play Pt. 2 with Bruno Max & Donato Reyes Men at Play bring together Donato Reyes & Bruno Max.  As part of presenting the part of the ultimate businessman, Donato Reyes is always wearing the best tailored suits. After a long busy day in the corporate work and feeling sexually

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    men at play, massimo piano, philip zyos

    Massimo Piano & Philip Zyos Men at Play

    Men at Play’s – New Year 2021 Celebration! Massimo Piano & Philip Zyos – Men at Play – Wrong Placem Right Time! Talk about being in the wrong place at the right time at Men at Play. Just when we least expect it the best things can happen when you don’t expect them to. Suited

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    John Brachalli & Pol Prince – The Young Flatmate

    Men at Play’s – John Brachalli & Pol Prince “The New Flat Mate” Everyone feels a little awkward when they are taking on a new flat flat mate. Do not worry  Men at Play matched up the perfect duo John Brachalli and Pol Prince. From the start you just know this gonna be something else.

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    Man Hours, men at play, Antonio Aguilera, Martin Mazza, Rafa Garcia

    Getting in those Man Hours at Men at Play

    Men at Play’s – Man Hours “Editors Cut” Featuring Antonio Aguilera, Martin Mazza & Rafa Garcia Going back in time to 2013, Men at Play revisit one of their hottest movies, “Out of Hours”, but this time give us the hardcore cut! Rafa Garcia and Antonio Aguilera feel they are being taken advantage of when

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