Inseam adjustment, suits

Men at Play's - Hustler 2

Starring Bruno Max and Denis Vega

Bruno Max has a penchant for the finer things in life, especially when it comes to his wardrobe. He finds immense pleasure in the process of being fitted for new suits and experimenting with various accessories to elevate his style. Enter tailor Denis Vega, whose skilled hands meticulously measure Bruno’s chest, waist, hips, shoulders, and inseam to craft the perfect suit. However, during the fitting, an unexpected situation arises.

Noticing something amiss, Denis Vega subtly inquires if an adjustment to the inseam is necessary or if it’s merely a temporary issue. Bruno, ever the provocateur, extends an invitation for Denis to explore the matter further.

To Denis’ surprise, the “adjustment” in question isn’t related to the suit’s measurements at all. Instead, it’s Bruno’s impressive endowment that catches the tailor off guard. While most tailors are accustomed to altering fabric, Denis finds himself in uncharted territory. Yet, he’s not one to shy away from a challenge.

In a display of mutual desire, Bruno and Denis embark on a passionate encounter. Bruno takes the lead, indulging in the thrill of seducing his handsome tailor. With fervor and finesse, Bruno pleasures Denis, leaving him gasping for more.

Inseam adjustment, suits
Inseam adjustment, suits

As the heat between them intensifies, Denis surrenders to Bruno’s skilled touch, experiencing ecstasy like never before. In a euphoric climax, Denis succumbs to waves of pleasure, his body quivering with delight as he releases a torrent of passion.

Bound by desire and an insatiable lust for each other, Bruno and Denis revel in the intimacy they share. Their encounter transcends mere physical gratification, leaving them both fulfilled and eager for more adventures together. And as they part ways, the memory of their passionate liaison lingers, a tantalizing promise of future rendezvous.

Inseam adjustment, suits
Inseam adjustment, suits

Inseam adjustment at men at play with Bruno Max and Denis Vega

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