Men at Play Presents “Inseam Adjustment” with Bruno Max & Denis Vega

Men at Play's - Hustler 2

Starring Bruno Max and Denis Vega

Bruno Max has a penchant for the finer things in life, especially when it comes to his wardrobe. He finds immense pleasure in the process of being fitted for new suits and experimenting with various accessories to elevate his style. Enter tailor Denis Vega, whose skilled hands meticulously measure Bruno’s chest, waist, hips, shoulders, and inseam to craft the perfect suit. However, during the fitting, an unexpected situation arises.

Noticing something amiss, Denis Vega subtly inquires if an adjustment to the inseam is necessary or if it’s merely a temporary issue. Bruno, ever the provocateur, extends an invitation for Denis to explore the matter further.

To Denis’ surprise, the “adjustment” in question isn’t related to the suit’s measurements at all. Instead, it’s Bruno’s impressive endowment that catches the tailor off guard. While most tailors are accustomed to altering fabric, Denis finds himself in uncharted territory. Yet, he’s not one to shy away from a challenge.

In a display of mutual desire, Bruno and Denis embark on a passionate encounter. Bruno takes the lead, indulging in the thrill of seducing his handsome tailor. With fervor and finesse, Bruno pleasures Denis, leaving him gasping for more.

Inseam adjustment, suits
Inseam adjustment, suits

As the heat between them intensifies, Denis surrenders to Bruno’s skilled touch, experiencing ecstasy like never before. In a euphoric climax, Denis succumbs to waves of pleasure, his body quivering with delight as he releases a torrent of passion.

Bound by desire and an insatiable lust for each other, Bruno and Denis revel in the intimacy they share. Their encounter transcends mere physical gratification, leaving them both fulfilled and eager for more adventures together. And as they part ways, the memory of their passionate liaison lingers, a tantalizing promise of future rendezvous.

Inseam adjustment, suits
Inseam adjustment, suits

Inseam adjustment at men at play with Bruno Max and Denis Vega

Drew And Evan – Sean Cody

Sean Cody - Evan & Drew

Sean Cody, Evan, Drew

Today at the gym, Evan, with his shaven head, is here to guide you through the leg exercises that will sculpt the physique you desire. After demonstrating the workout, he’s feeling the burn, and Drew, with his dark hair, offers him a massage. As Evan changes, Drew can’t help but admire his physique.

Evan luxuriates in the leg and glute massage from Drew, finding pleasure as Drew’s skilled hands explore every inch. The massage takes a sensual turn when Drew begins to focus on Evan’s intimate areas, starting with gentle touches and progressing to more intimate exploration. Evan eagerly responds to Drew’s advances, enjoying the sensation as Drew’s fingers and then his cock stimulate him to new heights of pleasure.

On the massage table, Drew takes charge, penetrating Evan deeply and passionately. They move through various positions, with Evan surrendering to the pleasure of being filled by Drew. Finally, as Evan reaches the peak of ecstasy, Drew finishes with a creampie, leaving Evan feeling thoroughly satisfied and fulfilled. is getting hotter every release!

Sean Cody, Evan, Drew
Sean Cody, Evan, Drew
Sean Cody, Evan, Drew
Sean Cody, Evan, Drew

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Sumner & Jeramiah – Sean Cody

Sean Cody - Sumner and Jeramiah

Today is a huge day for two reasons: it’s Jeramiah’s first time bottoming… and he’s taking Sumner’s nine-inch cock! Jeramiah talks about how he practiced by working up from a smaller to a bigger dildo, and it turns out his practice cock was molded from another Sean Cody star. “Brysen fucked me!” he jokes. “Now I’m gonna fuck you,” Sumner replies. “I think I’m a little bigger.” Jeramiah is ready to get started, so he eases down on the top’s cock, riding him. Sumner tongues Jeramiah’s hole, then fucks him doggystyle, showing this first-time bottom just how good taking a dick can be. Jeramiah blows a huge load all over his abs as he gets fucked in missionary, and then Sumner adds even more!

seancody’s Trooper Bangers (P3) with Malik Delgaty, Maverick Sun & Bruce Huxley

Trooper Bangers Part 3 -

Malik Delgaty, Maverick Sun & Bruce Huxley

Malik Delgaty, Maverick Sun and their bunkmates are doing some calisthenics, but as their heart rates increase, so do their passions! When the guys start tussling on the floor, Sergeant Bruce Huxley comes in to break it up, and the guys quickly stand at attention. Maverick’s little soldier is at attention too, so the sarge orders everyone else out and pushes Maverick to his knees for a blowjob till he cums on the soldier’s face. 

Malik, hiding outside, watches the whole thing, then comes in to get his dick sucked too! He fucks the bottom doggystyle and on his side on the cabinet, before slamming that hole on the bunk till he pulls out and cums.

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Falcon Live: Get 2 It with Cade Maddox and Beau Butler

Falcon Live: Get 2 It with Cade Maddox and Beau Butler

Welcome to 2021 at Falcon Studios. A significant number of fans eagerly tuned in to witness a highly anticipated cam show featuring Falcon | NakedSword Exclusives Cade Maddox and Beau Butler engaging in bareback sex for the first time.

Prior to the explicit encounter, the duo took the opportunity to interact with their fans, answering questions that ranged from discussing their nipples to reminiscing about the time when Dr. Cade became an internet sensation. They also shared their preferences on where they enjoy climaxing.

With anticipation building, Beau indulged in Cade’s well-endowed member, skillfully taking it into his mouth while Cade expertly teased and stimulated Beau’s receptive entrance with his fingers.

The room reverberated with the sounds of virtual tips as Cade proceeded to pleasure Beau by passionately rimming his muscular posterior and ultimately penetrating him with his generously sized shaft.

The long-awaited rendezvous culminated with a display of mutual gratification, as Cade’s impressive member transitioned from Beau’s posterior to his eager mouth. The climax of the encounter arrived as both men unleashed their satisfying releases.

5 Piggie Fit Brits Scally Lad Orgy

Young Young Brit - Presents The Cluster Fuck Scally Orgy

In this explicit video titled “Josh’s cluster-fuck orgy,” a group of hung young British hooligan scally lads engage in a homemade, amateur orgy. The video starts with Josh filming the action in his messy room, giving it a raw and personal touch. One of the lads, a fit thug with slick back hair, stands out as drop-dead sexy and blokeish, displaying a strong appetite for cock.

Another stunning London escort joins the scene, receiving oral pleasure from a straight chav before taking charge and passionately penetrating him. The video captures the intense sexual encounters, including a tall Irish lad who finishes off on the long-haired stunner. Throughout the video, Josh can’t resist joining in, contributing to the explicit excitement.

The second part of the video showcases Josh’s unbridled desire as he barebacks the beautiful boy who was topping earlier. Josh’s fantasies of being with him intensify, even though he acknowledges the need to stop indulging in these thoughts.

The video’s compelling nature lies in its ability to evoke repeated wanking sessions, especially when Josh continues to pleasure the boy after another guy’s cum is already inside him. Josh’s dominant voice adds an extra layer of excitement as he guides the lad’s actions, making the video even more enticing. The fun never ends until everyone shoots their loads! Remember to join Hung Young Brit and see it all!

BroNetwork Presents Ginger Prince for Breakfast

Ginger Prince - The BroNetwork

The kitchen is filled with the sound of clattering pots and pans as Ginger Prince whips up a tantalizing breakfast for Daddy. The sight of the hot ginger boy working so diligently to please him is enough to make Daddy’s heart race. There’s something incredibly seductive about the way Ginger knows exactly how to push his buttons and satisfy his every desire. Fucking the only thing that is on their minds, and boy do they fuck hard and deep! The BroNetWork push boundaries! 

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Adam Killian Takes Every Inch of Charlie Cherry

Adam Killian takes some serious inches from Charlie Cherry

Adam Killian was a striking figure of masculinity, with rugged features and a toned, muscular physique that turned heads wherever he went. But it wasn’t just his good looks that made him stand out from the crowd. Adam was also endowed with a big, fat cock that was always at the ready for action. When he first laid eyes on Charlie Cherry, he knew he had to have him. The attraction was mutual, and Charlie was just as eager to explore the depths of Adam’s sexuality. 

The only caveat was that Adam had to be a total bottom for Charlie’s massive, uncut cock. But that was no problem at all for the confident and experienced Adam. He was more than willing to submit to Charlie’s desires and give him everything he wanted in the bedroom. With that agreement in place, Adam wasted no time in servicing Charlie’s cock with some hard, enthusiastic sucking. He savored the taste of Charlie’s pre-cum and the feeling of his hard, throbbing member in his mouth. And when Charlie was fully satisfied, it was Adam’s turn to get his hole pounded and slammed. He gritted his teeth and moaned with pleasure as Charlie worked him over, taking him to the brink of ecstasy. In the end, both Adam and Charlie were completely spent and satisfied, their bodies wracked with pleasure and desire. 

It was a wild and intense encounter that they both knew they would remember for a long time to come. And as they lay there, basking in the afterglow of their sexual union, they knew that this was just the beginning of a thrilling and passionate journey together.

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The Open House, with Allen King & Giuspel BroNetwork

The Open House with Allen King & Giuspel - The BroNetwork

Allen King is not only handsome but very intelligent. Allen takes advantage of the availability of the city’s most prestigious single-family homes to go on the prowl for another suitable bachelor. The hunky, hairy Giuspel is exploring the property with his real estate agent when he arrives. It doesn’t take much to get his attention, and once you have it, you’re in for a game of cat and mouse.

When Allen jolts the real estate agent’s awareness, Giuspel walks right into Allen’s trap. They kiss on the stairs while touching each other all over. Giuspel’s hole is explored by Allen’s tongue, and then it’s Allen’s chance to go between Giuspel’s rippling cheeks. He puts his hand on Allen’s throat and fucks his hole with his enormous cock.

Before Giuspel pounds Allen’s prostate and makes him shoot ropes on his abs, he and the other studs give the property a full examination. Check out the for more! 

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Brad & Grayson Ride at Sean Cody

Sean Cody - Grayson and Brad

Super cute Grayson may be the hot bottom of this session, but it doesn’t stop him from showing off his big piece of meat. Proudly he bangs his big cock against his hand. Today though he is in for a treat, he gets fucked by Brad!

When it happens, he’ll finally get his wish. In the studio, kissing and undress Brad. After sucking Brad’s cock, he adds, “I wanna ride it,” and the top responds, “Come ride me.” As soon as Greyson does that, Brad gives him a piledriver fucking. Greyson does him doggy style finishing him off is a missionary cumfest  

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Subscribe to Cum with Johnny Donovan & Alpha Wolfe

Johnny Donovan & Alpha Wolfe

"Subscripe to Cum" -

Johnny Donovan had no idea that his friend Alpha Wolfe sold nudes online. However, a playlist of lewds and a steamy tease movie showed up on Alpha’s TV.   Johnny saw this as he was waiting for Alpha to shower. Johnny had no notion that Alpha sold nudes online.

When Alpha returns, he discovers his pal has his dick in his hand and is jacking it to a video of himself doing a tight ass in a jock. The guys suck each other, and the tattooed influencer eventually begs Johnny for that dick in his hole, taking it deep in missionary, and then riding the top.

Johnny attacks Alpha from behind, then makes him cum hard with a reach-around, and then shoots him in his famous face! There is no doubt that Alpha gained a new subscriber. Launching 17th April at

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