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    Cockyboy’s Raw Bondage with Calvin Banks and Damian Grey

    Cockyboys Damien Grey and Calvin Banks Raw Bondage Fun Damian Grey may be getting ready to head out to an awards show but Calvin Banks has something else in mind before they go: some raw, erotic kink with himself in charge! Damian obeys as Calvin tells him to get on his knees and mouth-tease him

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    Stunning Damian Grey Debuts with Ben Masters at CockyBoys

    Cockyboys The Coming of Damian Grey The one thing you can be certain about with CockyBoys is when they take on a new exclusive, then you just know that they are going be all that, and then some. The rule is followed to the letter as they introduce their latest CockyBoy Damian Grey. If you

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    CockyBoy Levi Karter Gets Both Roman Todd & Allen King

    CockyBoys Making it a Double for Fans Only Levi Karter is in for the time of his sex life this week. Cockyboys are treating him, not to one but to two classic self filmed fucks. First we see Levi messaging around with his video camera on the bed. The question we are asking who will

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    Cockyboys: Jacen Zhu & Cory Kane

    Not even a chilly spring rain can dampen the enthusiasm of adventurous Jacen Zhu! He’s visibly happy to be with Cory Kane, someone he regards as a down-to-earth, cool guy…as well as tall, lean, and packing a big dick. The rain does cut short their outdoors making out and Jacen sucking off Cory against a

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    CockyBoys: Meet The Morecocks 3 Team Tan- with Ricky Roman & Levi Carter

    CockyBoys proudly presents the third episode of their behind-the-scenes docuseries, MEET THE MORECOCKS. World premiering at New York’s LGBT film festival, NewFest, “Team Tan” joins the previous two episodes, “Lightning in a Bottle” and “The Jake Bass Experience”, as having been selected and screened at major gay film festivals around the world. Primarily set in early

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    CockyBoys: Calvin Banks & Skyy Knox

    Skyy Knox simply can’t wait for Calvin Banks to come home from work, so he texts him a bath time selfie of his perfect bubble butt with the message, “Join me in the tub”. In record time Calvin is home, stripped down in his bulging briefs and kissing Skyy, who is both delighted and eager

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    Cockyboys: Threeway Heaven, with Manuel Skye, River Wilson and Matthew Parker.

    Manuel Skye and River Wilson> make their Cocky Boys debuts, joined by returning fellow Canadian Matthew Parker, and they’re ready to make a strong first impression. Spoiler alert: they do… BIG TIME, especially the explosive Manuel. He leads the opening introduction (and much of the action), whereas the other guys exhibit low-key, cosmopolitan charm… even

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    Cockyboys: Cory Kane & Jack Hunter

    When asked who has the bigger dick Jack Hunter and Cory Kane are remarkably modest about their own assets…in comparison to the other, that is. In fact they’re outright complimentary towards each other while expressing an eager fondness for a big dick. So of course there’s only one way for them to answer the question:

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    CockyBoys: Arad WinWin & Danny Montero

    Danny Montero, the ever-smiling, playfully sexual Latin lover meets the more serious, sultry and subtly dominant muscle stud Arad WinWin and while lying on a bed touching each other, their chemistry and compatibility unfolds almost instantly. The sexually exciting prospect that they can be seen through the large window next to the bed incites the

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