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Category: CockyBoys

Stunning Damian Grey Debuts with Ben Masters at CockyBoys

Cockyboys The Coming of Damian Grey The one thing you can be certain about with CockyBoys is when they take on a new exclusive, then you just know that they are going be all that, and then some. The rule is followed to the letter as they introduce their latest CockyBoy Damian Grey. If you

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CockyBoy Levi Karter Gets Both Roman Todd & Allen King

CockyBoys Making it a Double for Fans Only Levi Karter is in for the time of his sex life this week. Cockyboys are treating him, not to one but to two classic self filmed fucks. First we see Levi messaging around with his video camera on the bed. The question we are asking who will

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Cockyboys: Ben Masters Makes his Debut with Justin Matthews

Ben Masters is new to Cockyboys and he sure doesn’t let the brand down. Ben makes his debut with Justin Matthews and they instantly connect on camera. This California boy was soon under the spell of his co star, the Cocky Boys fan fave Justin Mathews. Justin takes the lead in this scene, Ben wouldn’t

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Cockyboys: Diablo In Madrid with Allen King & Sean Ford

From the depths of the underworld demon Allen King crawls out of an open tomb and makes irreverent mischief on the hallowed grounds of a Madrid cemetery. He defiles graves, sexually teases a young mourner almost lured by the temptation, and struts about the cemetery, pitchfork in hand. Allen turns his wicked intentions to Colby

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CockyBoys: Just One Night with Allen King & Calvin Banks

Sometimes you meet someone special when you stop trying so hard. So it is for Calvin Banks who watches all the fun interaction going on all around him at a club one night but just can’t make a connection with anyone. However, later on the subway stranger Allen King appears and they exchange glances and

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CockyBoys: Levi Karter & Sean Zevran!

Levi Karter sneaks out of the apartment while his boyfriend sleeps and goes out on the prowl to “do his own thing” in the first episode of new series JUST ONE NIGHT. Levi’s night of fun leads him to a lively party at the Museum of Sex where among many familiar faces, he meets a

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