We have always been interested in Brute, from the get go he has always captivated us. He has a strong body of work and has never held back on his opinions. We got to ask the questions that we really wanted to know the answers to. So here it is  “Brute The Interview”

  • Morning Brute, how are you doing?

I’m very good, thanks. I should say I’m horny too right? It’s the pornstar thing to say… I’m super horny and need hungry holes to fuck.

  • You have had quite the past year… with a recent trip over to the states to film with Falcon Studios … How was that for you?

Falcon was a great. I couldn’t have asked for a better studio to make my US debut with. They presented me with the right offer at the right time and it was an absolute pleasure.

  • Did you find that the process of filming over in the states was different to Europe?

Absolutely. European porn is mostly cheap. And that’s reflected in the quality of the models and the quality of the productions. On average a European scene will take 3 hours. American porn takes at least 6 hours to film. There’s just no comparing the two: one industry makes millions of dollars, while the other makes pennies.

  • We loved your scene with Ryan Rose in Wild Weekend. Did you enjoy filming with him?

Ryan is no doubt a very acquired character; but he was totally respectful and we just hammered out the scene. Emphasis on the “hammered” part. I see it’s been peaking at number 1 in all different charts and has remained in the top 5 coming on two months now. That’s quite remarkable for a porn scene.

  • How was the feedback from the producers and directors?

The feedback was great. Especially on my b-roll. It turns out I’m a really good actor when I’m given real dialogue to act out. I was nailing an entire script I learned 5 minutes prior to shooting.I am however very self-critical. This was my first time shooting 6 hour long scenes; so on this occasion I did feel the transition held me back from giving 100%. There was a lot of expectation I carried on my shoulders; I had been flown across the world for this, so it was a big deal.

  • Will you be going back to do more?

I would like to. I want to get my body back to where it should be. Perfect myself to a greater standard. And then I will take the new experience I’ve acquired and just give the audience my absolute best. Super Saiyan Level 3.

  • Flashing back to May we met you at an event and were a little nervous about the reception that we would get. It turned out to our surprise that you were actually a very nice and pleasant person! Is this the NEW side of Brute that we are seeing?

Here’s the thing. I’m actually a really decent person. I’m a bit like a gorilla; I may appear intimidating but I am in fact very friendly – unless provoked. If you’re staring at my Twitter it might be easy to develop the wrong assumption – and I’ve never minded that. It creates a distinction between porn me and the real me. So there has been times where I’ve encouraged the wrong assumption.

  • Do you feel that the harshness of Brute you originally set out to portray was a mistake?

Not at all. It’s no secret that behind the camera I’m completely acclaimed by directors as a really nice person with an amazing work ethic. That’s the irony of porn. Models often painted as villains are usually really nice in real life; while the models painted as angels tend to be – unbeknown to the public – really unpleasant people in real life. Porn is cut throat. And my harshness let’s these other boys know not to come for me unless they want to commit social suicide. It’s a good defence mechanism. It’s made me stand out consistently and it’s brought me every piece of success that’s come my way. I wouldn’t be much of a “bad boy” if I had everyone kissing my ass.

  • You always stated that you wouldn’t suck cock. However in the movie “Wild Weekend” we were surprised that you did!  What made you change your mind?

Money, publicity, and getting over it. And I won’t shy away from the economical factor, because I made money from not sucking cock whereas all other pornstars make no profit from doing everything. I call that success, strategy and power. There is of course the “getting over it” part. I still don’t do it in real life because it’s just not me. And you shouldn’t expect it to be a reoccurring thing in my films. But I wanted to prove a point – and I did.

  • So who is the real Brute?

I’m a complete Aquarian. That’s the best way I can summarise myself. In short: I’m artistic. A humanitarian. Aloof. Witty. Independent. Rebellious. Inventive. Original. Sarcastic. Stubborn. Unemotional. Zodiac aside I’m all about Pokemon, European politics, sci-if, fantasy, film, Rupaul’s Drag Race, gym, and my newest hobby – rock climbing.

  • So you are a fan of Rupaul’s Drag Race? Who is you all time favourite Queen and Why?

I love drag race. It’s funny, smart and inspiring. Many drag queens will quote Rupaul and tell you they’re “introverts masquerading as extroverts” and the same applies to pornstars who paint themselves as gods but are actually riddled with insecurities. At the core of things, porn and drag are the same and that explains the affinity between pornstars and drag queens. We’re all personas for art forms that are considered cheap entertainment. As for my favourite! I’d have to say it’s a tie between Alaska and Katya. Allstars swayed me a bit because I love an underdog and I hate cliques, but I’m definitely back to loving Alaska. She, like Katya, not only had the talent to win – but also a reason. Underdog talent with a narrative will always win my support.

  • What is the biggest misconception people have about you?

It’s all to do with Twitter. I agree that I can come off as blunt and perhaps harsh – but people should remember that Twitter only allows so many characters.The reality is those with misconceptions form a tiny minority. I wouldn’t even call it misconceptions. It’s people who don’t like me because they think I’m straight, or because of my preferences.I also have a very sharp tongue when need be. So when I’m verbally taking out every person that comes for me, my defence can be so strong that it ends up making me look like the aggressor.

  • What qualities (apart from a massive C…) do you have?

A super tight virgin hole. Pristine in fact.

  • What, if any would you say were you bad traits?

Naturally I’m quite anti-social. Given the choice between the company of a person or a dog, I’d choose the dog. That’s not to say I can’t be social, as I can be very charismatic. Just when I choose to be or need to be.

  • On your journey so far into the world of porn, have you enjoyed it?

I have. Porn has been good to me and dare I say liberated parts of me. Sure, I’m not happy with all of my work and it’s in the public domain forever – but you live once; and when I die I get to say, “fuck yeah! I was a pornstar”.

  • What have been the highlights of your career so far?

I would say Falcon. It was significant for me because I had literally never left Europe before. The offer took me across the world. US studios rarely fly in Europeans because of the cost – but I was flown in for a specific part. It was a big deal.

My first Hustlaball win as ‘Best Newcomer’ was also a highlight. Not so much the award itself, but the people it pissed off when I won. That was fun.

  • What is a normal day for you?

I never have a normal day. Dysfunctional days are more my walk of life. I am however dating at the moment so that’s taking up a lot of my attention day to day.

  • How did you decide to go into the porn business?

I was tired of working very hard for very little. Tired of life in fact! And I was only 24 at the time so that was not good. I decided to take control. That meant being my own boss, making my own money – and having fun while I did it. Porn was the answer for me.

  • Did you share the news with friends and family, if so how did they react?

I’m totally open about my career. My mother would have liked better for me initially, but it’s definitely grown on her. People have had no choice but to be supportive. No one gets to critique my career choices unless they’re paying my bills.

  • Would you like to go behind the camera to direct?

I already do in my newer UK porn. Not literally, but I have huge input into positions, placement and where a camera should be. I think once you’ve reached a certain level of success directors are happy for you to take initiative like that – because you’ve earned that stripe. Proper directing is definitely something I will potentially consider in the future.

  • Is there any performers that you would like to work with in the future?

Francois Sagat is my all-time favourite pornstar. His ass is just phenomenal. I need to smash in that derrière. I’d also like to work many of the Cockyboys. I think Carter Dane is hot shit at the moment. I could make a good scene with Levi and get him to do the splits on my cock… I think a fuck with Allen King is long overdue. Not to forget Liam. There’s just too many of them for me to contain myself. I think a scene with Bruno Bernal would also be hot. A lot of people would like to see me destroy Sebastian Kross and I’m totally down for that.I think Rafael Lords is super cute. Maybe Paddy O’Brian if he bottoms. There’s too many!

  • Thank you Brute. Its been a pleasure!







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