When we at think about Theo Ford, instantly we think of a super sexy porn icon, but we have thoughts of opulence and luxury but with a difference, not only does he provide some of the hottest and legendary scenes in the business, but offers thoughts about life that everyone can aspire to and share. There is so much more than the beauty that shines through his stunning exterior. We got the chance to sit down and talk all things Porn, Life, love and more…


1- Good Morning Mr Ford, how are you? And where in the world are you currently – we never seem to know, as you are such a “Jet Setter”!

I do love travelling. Since I was a child I’ve been used to move across the planet. It’s a natural part of my life. Even though having a stable homelife is amazing I would never let go of the travelling and discovering the world. To me travelling is one of the most important things one can do. Discovering new cultures and expanding your perspective on life.

2- What Made you think of moving into the adult entertainment business?

In my early 20s I had met many porn actors and I did find the fact to own your sexuality extremely appealing. It had been a fantasy for a long time. When I turned 25 I was contacted by a producer, for French Twinks, asking me if I would consider filming for him. We met rapidly and a week later I was on set. It was a truly stressful decision to make but I wasn’t going to go to my grave without achieving my goals and fulfilling my fantasies.

3-When you had made the decision, did you tell any friends or family? What was the reaction?

I didn’t tell anyone at first. I wanted to do it for myself. And for a few months no scenes were out. I didn’t have twitter and the studio was new so there was no pictures out before the scenes were actually released. A few months later the studio started to put out the scenes and everything changed. Magazines and blogs took notice of me and some of my friends saw the pictures and scenes. I don’t think I really knew how to explain why I wanted to do porn at the time. Maybe I just wanted to keep the reasons to myself. With time I managed to articulate my motivations in a clearer way.

4-Take us back to your very first scene. What emotions were thundering through you head and did you find it difficult or did you take to it straight away?

My first scene was so stressful. Even though the cast and crew were super sweet I was very shy in front of the camera. I had no clue of what to do or how to carry myself. I guess it’s normal but it was awkward in the highest regard. I look back at that day and laugh with compassion as I now see how far I’ve come.

5-We have seen a lot of Men, start of so well in the industry and then all of a sudden they decide that they are calling it quits. What type of personal qualities do you feel one “requires” to be able to maintain a career in the business?

You need to have a thick skin for sure. In the day of social media and internet trolls so many people will judge and criticise you for a million things. Knowing who you are and what really matters in life is essential. When you do porn it can seem as if it’s your whole life and it can take over every aspect of your world. The trick is to have other outlets to remain who you truly are and find a certain balance.

6-Is it different to how you first imagined it to be?

I guess as you evolve through different parts of the industry things do change and have a different importance especially in the US. I never really knew what to expect to be honest. I threw myself into this adventure head first.

7-When the scenes are published, do you watch them?

I never watch my scenes. I only check the promo pictures and sometimes the trailer.

8-Are you very self-critical?

Tremendously!! I am my own worst critic. I always do my best to be perfect and I would get angry with myself if it isn’t. I have learnt with the years to accept my flaws too though. Perfection does not exist! I am coming to grasp with the notion that sometimes all you can do is your best and that might still not be perfect.

9-When it comes to your physical appearance – What do you think are you best / worst assets?

I have so many physical flaws in my opinion. I do try to take care of myself to the fullest not to have any avoidable physical flaws haha… I like my skin, I do my own skin care as I want a product that works the best for me. I guess being tall is actually something I love too. When you’re 6”3 not too many people bother you. In many ways my eyes are my best and worst asset. They allow me to communicate so much and they are a pretty grey/blue colour but they are so sensitive to light and often get very red.

10-When it comes to your personality what are you strengths and weaknesses?

My strengths are for sure to have empathy for others. I often let other people’s emotions overflow onto me and I am trying not to let that be a problem. I guess I am caring and I always do my best to be a part of other’s happiness. My biggest weakness is being impatient. I don’t like to wait too much for things to happen. I do try to work on it but it might be the toughest thing I could ever do.



11-Having worked with so many of the leading studios… What has been your most memorable shoot so far?

Yes when I think back at all the scenes I’ve shot (over 120) I have some extremely high points. The craziest moment was probably me sitting in my Paris flat a few years back and receiving an email from FALCON STUDIOS asking me if I would be interested in working with them. I Had been a fan since I was a teenager. This moment was a tad surreal as I never started porn with the goal to shoot for the biggest studios around. It simply happened naturally.

12-Who has been your all-time favourite on screen pairing?

I’ve been incredibly lucky to work with so many amazing actors. Even though it is work you sometimes have a deeper connection with some. The two times I truly forgot the cameras while filming were Colton Grey for Icon Male and Brent Corrigan for Falcon Studios.

13-Having worked all over the world, are there many differences from the shooting process from one country compared to another?

Every studio might work in different ways on either side of the pond. The major difference is the budget for a production in the US. You do see there’s more investments in the States. The work remains virtually the same. Luckily it is extremely easy to move from one side of the atlantic to the other and adapt to the minor differences involved with each studio. I love to see how different producers work, it allows me to learn a lot on every shoot.

14-Is jealousy ever a factor in your relationships? If so how do you handle it? If not, then why not?

I feel there is jealousy in all relationships. The level might change though. It is essential to make your partner understand that work is just work. When I come home I’m not Theo anymore. I’m simply myself and I leave work on set. Communication has to be strong to allow the other person to understand the difference between work and personal life.

15-Over the past few years Porn seems to be more sociably acceptable, with more and more studios pushing the boundaries. Do you think there will come a point where it cannot progress anymore and start to go backwards?

I don’t have a crystal ball so I don’t know what will happen in the future but I’m glad that porn or sex work is at least a topic of discussion. We all have jobs we do for different reasons. I wouldn’t judge someone because they make my coffee or because the clean my house. Every job is important and has value. I never hide what I do in life. I’m happy to be who I am, and I do feel proud of my achievements and multiple professional paths. Porn allows you to own your sexuality and I see it as a strength rather than a “dirty job” like some may perceive it. We have all consumed porn in our lives so why knock it down?

16-Do you feel that being well known as a Porn Star has resulted in any negative effects on your life?

Every decision you make in life has an impact on your future. As long as you can ride the wave and not drown then it’s all good. Porn can be a huge wave to ride (pun intended). It might prevent you from doing some things and also will change some people’s vision of who you are. I have been so lucky so far. In the last few years in porn I’ve had an intense life. With highs and lows. I now accept what I cannot change. The tough times have made me stronger and feeling blessed when the good times came around. In no way would I take back my past.

17-Have you ever enjoyed watching Porn in your private life?

I have a lot more before doing porn. Now I sometimes feel I’m watching work. Between the bad productions and the actors I know as friends it’s tough to actually watch something HAHA. I would much rather have an intimate interaction with someone than just watch porn.

18-Being on the other side of the camera seeing it all how it really goes down, has it desensitised you to “Getting Off” on it?

Of course. You see the flaws and the bad tricks being used by some studios. It’s tough to watch without a professional take on it.


Photo Credit: Men At Play

19-Is there any performer that you would like to work with in the future?

There’s so many I’m sure I would love to work with. One person does stand out though, Chi Chi Larue. I trust her judgement of co stars and production. All I’ve seen from her has always been that little more special. I feel it’s more of a passion than a simple day job. I truly respect that!!

20-Do you have porn star friends? Then if you have to do a scene together is it different to working with a new performer?

I’m friends with a lot of the guys. It’s amazing to work with friends as you can joke around. I giggle all the time on set. It can sometimes annoy the producer haha. I truly believe having fun on set is important as you want to give the best product to the viewer possible.

21-Who do you look too to for support?

I have a few friends I can talk to. My main support system is my writing. I pour my heart and soul, my feelings and fears into the words I write. To me writing has a strong therapeutic quality which allows me to overcome struggles. I have always written since I was a child. Words have been magical since the day I learnt to write.

22-How do you interact with your fans?

I always try to answer to everyone on social media. In person I make sure I have a smile on my face. I often have people coming up to me in the most random places or times. In one instance a fan jumped in front of me on the street in Sydney. I was slightly scared at first to be honest.

23-Obviously there are many leading porn blogs, do you maintain a good relationship with them all, or do you tend not to read anything about yourself?

I’ve learned not to pay too much attention anymore. I do try not to let people say just anything about me but I care a lot less with time. Some blogs are loving drama which is understandable and others are just pointless. A rare few are positive and promote the industry. I’m glad they’re around.

24-If something is written about you on Twitter etc. – How do you react?

I try to make sure nothing bad is being said freely. Otherwise I have 99% of positive messages on twitter. I have loving fans and I am so humbled to see how many more follow me each day. They must really love me to put up with my ramblings haha.

25-What is you ultimate pleasure?

Amazing food and wine. I’ve travelled a lot and enjoying the gastronomy in each country is so thrilling.

26-What is your Ultimate Sin?

Sleeping is probably the one thing I should do less. I love to sleep all the time. My sleeping patterns are out of whack though now. I therefore take naps pretty often.



27-What do you enjoy doing in your leisure time?

I try to make more time for friends. I’ve had to relearn to make friends. Travelling so much in the past has prevented me from it. It’s a slow process but I am loving being more generous with my love and time.

28-How often do you go back to Ireland?

I haven’t got back in a while. I do love Ireland and I miss my home town but I have been so busy that my schedule hasn’t allowed me to visit. I have seen my mum multiple times though. I try to fly her out to me whenever she’s free.

29-Share with us something that very few people know about you?

I hate sleeping alone. Sadly this year I’ve spent so much time by myself. For the first time in years I’ve been completely single. I may not be too pushed in finding a new boyfriend just yet. I am concentrating on learning to live with myself and I actually like it now.

30-If you were to go back to the start of your career, and you could yourself advise what would it be?

Be yourself always. Never let anyone try to push you to do anything you don’t feel 100% comfortable with!!!

31-Finally Mr Ford, what upcoming projects do you have that we can look forward to?

I’m focusing on writing for now. I’ve been amazed with how empowering it’s been. The reception has been great too. I’m excited to publish more pieces and hopefully a series of books in the future. I am not rushing the process. It comes organically and I enjoy every second.

Thank you so much it has been a pleasure!

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