Cutie pie and total sex bomb Tyler Underwood looks like Irish cream wouldn’t melt in his mouth. Sweet, innocent and a little charmer, he chats with our Sam about his life in Ireland and his decision to get into porn.. not that we’re questioning why, we couldn’t be happier! He’s a highly sexed boy, as we soon find out when the cameras start rolling. In the first 3 minutes he’s so worked up he’s got his big thick cock out already, working up some deep breathing and serious eye contact action with the lens. Lifting up his tight shirt and stuffing this hands down his shorts and jock, he’s probably one of the most obviously horny guys we’ve had in the Locker Room! the shirt comes of and his hands wander over his body, tweaking his nipples and making himself har! d. The shorts come down leaving him in a little white and red jock. Leaning into the lockers he pushes his arse out, grabs ahold of his cheeks and speaks them. Sucking on some fingers, we know where these are going! First one then two, he starts to open up his smooth boy hole, pulling his arse open as he slowly removes his fingers, giving the camera a proper show. Pulling down the jock at the front, this boy is seriously packing, 8.5” of solid white meat springs up, pointing towards the ceiling. He wanks, groans and swears to himself under his breath, very honry, the sexual tension between him and the cameras is intense! Working up a wanking pace he moves over to the bench to get comfortable. Building, building and cum! A last look at those sweet blue/green eyes… we know we haven’t see the last of Tyler.


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