Absolutely smouldering in rubber, Dani Robles rubs his hands over his slick and tightly latex clad body, waiting for a boy to join him in the Rubergeddon play pit. Aarin Asker swaggers up to him, cheeky, sexy and with bulging muscles. The big pig emblem on his chest suggests he’ll be up for some hard and filthy play. They explore each other, gripping firmly and pulling on another in for a passionate and spit fuelled kiss. Unzipping his crotch and taking out Dani’s hard cock to suck, he drops down to his knees and goes hell for rubber, spitting, sucking and swallowing the lot! Dani face fucks him, grabbing the back of his head and pounding his mouth. Aarin climbs up high and gives Dani a taste of his own medicine, slapping his face with his big dick and spittin! g down at him as he sucks. Throwing him in the sling, Dani takes back control, fucking the life out of him and making him shout and swear the place down! Chains rattle, the combination of a loud American bottom boy and a fiery hot spaniard going at it hard is enough to give anyone a boner, purely on the audio! Getting him out of the sling and making him do some work, Aarin positions himself over Dani’s dick and rides him, bucking and rucking, he puts on a real show, giving it everything he’s got! Opening his fuck hole, taking him as fast and deep as he can. Shooting his creamy load over himself, white droplets and jets cover the black and shiny body of his gear. Dani pulls out and blows his loads over the still very willing boys face.

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