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    Fuckermate, Drew Dixon, Salvador Mendoza, Big Dick

    British Drew Dixon gets Fuckermate’d by Salvador Mendoza

    Drew Dixon Gets a Hard Pumping at FuckerMate by Salvador Mendoza Fuckermate always bring you the newest and the hottest guys, fact. This week they bring you big dicked Salvador Mendoza. Who better to take him for his first test run then sexy British guy Drew Dixon. Drew is known for his hot body and

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    fuckermate, David Montenegro, Danny Azcona

    Fuckermate – End of Summer with David Montenegro and Danny Azcona

    Fuckermate – Summerend Fuck with David Montenegro & Danny Azcona The pairings are always hot at this one is no exception. Sexy, toned and big dicked David Montenegro gets to plow the tight hole of gorgeous Danny Azcona. Before the fucking begins Danny gets to grip with the monster meat of David. His eyes

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    Fuckermate, Creampie, Gianna Maggio, Anteo Chara, Mano Martinez

    Fuckermate Gianni Maggio and Anteo Chara go at it!

    Fuckermate – Big Dicks and Creampies – with Gianni Maggio & Anteo Chara The guys at bring you their latest hot release. They bring together dominant big dick dominant top Gianni Maggio, and eager cute bottom Anteo Chara. When Anteo finds out that he is gonna be fucked by big dicked Gianni, he is

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    Juan Aeneas, Santi Konnor, Mano Martinez, Presents Juan Aeneas & Santi Konnor

    Fuckermate – Ray Diesel & Santi Konnor Are you ready to watch another porno debut here on This week we introduce you Juan Aeneas, an easy-going guy coming from hot Colombia that stands out for the huge tail he got between his legs. His friend Santi Konnor told us he was ready to prove his

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    Fuckermate, Alejandro Torres, David Chaco introduce Alejandro Torres & David Chacon

    Fuckermate – Alejandro Torres & David Chacon introduce you to one hot newbie David Chacon. They were thinking of who could break him in, and Alejandro Torress instantly became their perfect fit. David Chacon is a sexy Latin lad that may seem shy at first sight, but actually he’s hungry and ready to take

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    Fuckermate, Carlos Leao, Bastian Karim

    Fuckermate – Carlos Leão and Bastian Karim.

    Fuckermate -Carlos Leão and Bastian Karim This week bring you an amazing muscled bareback fuck. Brazilian hunk Carlos Leão is back! He is matched up with Colombian bottom Bastian Karim. They are both ready to engage in some hot outdoor action  under the shining Spanish sun. Leão’s ebony shaft rises like an obelisk in

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    Fuckermate, Ray Diesel, Santi Konnor

    FuckerMate – Ray Diesel & Santi Konnor

    Fuckermate – Ray Diesel & Santi Konnor This week bring you an amazing bareback fuck. Starring American monster-dicked daddy Ray Diesel and muscled hungry bottom Santi Konnor from Colombia. When two hunk black guys like them meet together, the result can only be explosive. Ray Diesel has one of the biggest dicks around and

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    Fuckermate, Viktor Rom, Drew Dixon,

    Viktor Rom Pounds Drew Dixon at FuckerMate

    Fuckermate – Viktor Rom Pounds Drew Dixon’s dominant Latin top Viktor Rom really wanted to break up the ass of some real power bottom.  Who better to pair him with than British friend Drew Dixon. Back at Viktor’s flat Drew hasn’t even the time to enter the place. His fuck buddy lifts him in

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    Fuckermate, Carlos Leão, Apolo Sanchez

    Fuckermate New Guy Apolo Sanchez gets Carlos Leão’s Dick

    Fuckermate -Carlos Leão & Apolo Sanchez introduce you to their latest new mate Brazilian  Apolo Sanchez. It is no secret that Apolo loves himself some thick and juicy meat. Carlos Leão gets the lucky job of breaking in this newbie. Carlos got one of the biggest dicks around, but Apolo is so skilled at sucking that

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    Fuckermate, Guillaume Wayne, Joaquin Santana

    Fuckermate – Guillaume Wayne & Joaquin Santana Enjoy Morning Play

    Fuckermate – Guillaume Wayne & Joaquin Wayne When introduce Guillaume Wayne and Joaquin Santana to each other they really want to get to know each other better. It’s a bright and sun filled morning and both studs wake up next to each other in bed. This is the perfect setting for them to get naked and

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    Ray Diesel & Rico Fatale Fuck Session at Fuckermate

    Fuckermate Ray Diesel & Rico Fatale This week at Fuckermate they introduce American XXL stud Ray Diesel to meet one of the best bottom’s around so far, the sexy Italian Rico Fatale. The meet in the bedroom and Rico asks Ray to take some photos to capture the moment. It is not long before the

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