The Right Place Starring Paco Rabo, Lucio Sains, Blue Eyes XL and Ares

BlueEyes XL joins Lucio Saints and Ares for a drink in a neighbourhood tavern where Paco Rabo is the barman. Blue notices Paco in a sling getting fucked on the monitor over the bar. As Blue asks Paco whether that is truly him, Paco responds in the affirmative before jumping up onto the bar wearing only his jock strap and performing the splits. Paco turns around and flashes his gorgeous, hairy ass to all the guys.

Lucio and Ares are turned on by the show and Ares begins sucking on Lucio’s monster cock. While Lucio’s cock is growing in Ares’ mouth, Blue puts his lips to Paco’s ass and begins probing with his darting tongue.

Paco jumps off of the bar and begins sucking on Blue’s smooth cock, bringing it to full attention. The guys move closer together and Paco kicks one foot up onto the bar and Lucio begins feeding him his monster cock down his throat while Blue rams his raw cock into that hot, hairy hole. Paco gets skewered from both ends with hot cocks.

Once Blue’s cock is within for a raw double penetration, Paco squats his ass down onto Lucio’s pulsating cock for a swap. Ares positions himself and starts face-fucking Paco. All three men and their impressive cocks are handled by Paco simultaneously.

Blue is the first to unleash his massive load of sperm all over Paco’s hairy ass and Lucio’s pulsing cock as Paco’s ass and mouth drive the guys crazy. Lucio continues to fuck Paco with his cum slicked cock before he jumps off and feeds his hot, thick, creamy load into Ares and Paco’s mouths. Two hungry men may be fed by Lucio’s cum supply. Paco and Ares then take their turns shooting their loads of cum all over each other! Check out for this and more!

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