Mickey Taylor The Interview

The Interview

Mickey Taylor

When discussing British Gay Porn, the name Mickey Taylor will inevitably appear in the conversation. Mickey has been in the porn industry since his was 21. He knows the game, how it’s played and how to win. He has worked with the industry’s biggest names and studios. He wears many caps, porn star, porn director, Fashion Model & Singer just to name a few. We wanted to get to know the man behind the name. We asked the questions and Mickey sat down and answered them, honestly and unfiltered. 

Do you remember you first ever scene? You have said that it was never your intention do get into porn? So what happened….?

Haha I do indeed. It was a solo for Staxus. I was totally going in blind but before my solo I got to watch the lovely Paul Walker do his. So I was a quick study. Learned from his and used it to Influence my own. 

What is your all-time favourite movie that you have starred in? Why is it so special?  

That would have to be either Fame Game or Guyspotting. For diff reasons. Fame Game had such a recognition not just to the public but also to myself and made me realise what I can do as a model. Guyspotting because it was my first full scripted DVD that I got to write and direct as well, alongside Mr Pam who everyone knows I Adore as a mentor and a friend

Is there anyone that you would like to work with? Stars / Studios / Directors?

Hmmmmm. I think the only two left on my tick sheet are Tim Tales and Next Door 

How do you think that Only fans and Just 4 Fans have impacted the porn industry and how do you think that they can be integrated successfully to work along side the porn studios?

I think it’s given the power to models and made us in control of our content and who we wanna work, with which I love. Plus UK porn doesn’t pay like it used to so this is something that kills off a lot of UK models. JFF helps sustain them and that can only be a good thing. Only fans is something I wouldn’t recommend.

Sharing your love life with the world could prove to be difficult… Do you find it hard? 

Not at all. Except maybe break ups. When your love life is so visible and public, and people fall in love with you as a couple, when you split it can be very hard and tough to go through because of the public comments etc. But overall, I think it’s nice being able to share my love with the world for someone I care for. 

You have found love with Jonas Jackson? How are things going with you guys? 

We are very happy. We are both very creative. Him with art, myself with music. I’ve never had that before. It’s nice to be so creative together. And I have his full support and he has mine. We work on building each other up and that’s important. I love him dearly. 

When you guys are shooting with different people, has there ever been a jealousy aspect? 

Only if one of us really wanted to fuck that guy too haha.

Have you ever watched a scene that Jonas has been in with another guy and gotten turned on? 

OMG all the time. I jerk off to his porn all the time haha 

How do you deal with “Fame” and everything that comes with it? The Good. The Bad. 

That’s tough because I feel nothing can prepare you for it because everyone has a diff version of how it all plays out. Mine has been a humbling and awakening experience and 99 percent positive. I have incredible fans who I try and support as much as they do me. And think that’s important. And using my voice to help people is essential to me. 

Social Media has been blamed for the increase in depression… You yourself have suffered with Bipolar and depression. Has social media had a direct effect on your own mental health? 

I would never want to blame anything or anyone else for my mental health. i think that circumstances and things in my life are the reason why i am the way i am. but i wouldn’t change that. my mental health is what has also made me push myself and drive to be better and do better and not be defined by it.

How do you think that we as a community can tackle this problem?

Stop trying to put people in a box, too many people in the community are obsessed with categorising people by how they look or what they do sexually. we all bleed red, we all love, so one another equally. A lot of hatred towards others can be linked to feelings we have internally. I think it’s important to work on ourselves.

You have spoken openly about your drug and alcohol addictions; how do you keep yourself from relapsing? What advice would you give to others that are suffering with similar issues? Do you feel that is important to keep an open dialogue?

The people around me are the reason I don’t relapse and also the reason I quit. I saw what my life what doing to people I cared about and I was pushing people away, losing work, and entering this vicious cycle of anger and depression which I medicated with more drugs which just isn’t healthy. My advice is to sit everyone down in your life that you love and ask them how it makes them feel when you use. It was a big slap to the face for me and just what i needed to be bettep

Mickey Taylor The Interview

Have you ever said something on social media and regretted it?

I think we all do, don’t we? Sometimes l look back and think I could of done things a little better. Ultimately it was what I said and only I can be accountable for that, and mistake or not I have to own it. I’m not one to cower and or deny something, if I said it then I said it. However I am the first to say if I regret it going too far and apologise and try again to say what I mean to say. I also think people are more socially aware. Four years ago we were all making jokes and saying things that just wouldn’t fly anymore. We learn and we grow with the times. I’m sure if i look at old tweets they may be a joke from four years ago that wouldn’t be okay now.  If someone called me out, I would apologise and let them know I’ve grown and learned since then.

When it comes to newcomers into the industry, how does Mickey Taylor react to them? 

I love them! Ask most models who’s come through in the UK I do what I can to offer them work, get them in touch with people. A lot of models in the UK call me mother. I used to even run a class every three months showing them the basics, things to know about scenes, what to bring, how to best promote yourself, health etc. I do anything I can. This job is far from easy on the mind or body. However these days I’d never recommend anyone to model in porn. It’s changed for the worse sadly.

What do you think people’s biggest misconceptions are about you?

That I’m an unapproachable bitch and a diva. It’s always nice in a back handed compliment kinda way. Whenever I get a model or a fan at an event say “omg you’re so lovely I genuinely didn’t think you would be but you’re so sweet”. I get told a lot of that is to do with my image I put out on social media but I’m okay with seeming like some evil Disney with but actually having a gooey centre haha.

The last album that you released was the Midnight Palace. When can we expect new music?

That’s something I can’t talk much about. but there is album on the way, a single and also another video, but as to who will feature and what I’m up too I can’t say haha sorry love

Do you feel that the porn community is a supportive one?  

100% yes. I can’t begin to say just how much.

Have you made any true friends in the industry in your journey so far? 

My porn family are people I’ve built up in the last four years. some distant and some not so distant. we all go out for dinner, brunch, sleepovers, game nights. I love them all dearly and I wouldn’t be me without them. Ashton Bradley in particular is my rock.

Mickey Taylor Interview

What has been your lowest point? What has been you highest point?

Low point, my addiction and going to hospital. high point, when the DVD I directed and wrote with Mr Pam won an award. and my second album reaching top 20 in the dance charts

What is your secret obsession?

Popping zits and blackheads

What is your definition of happiness?

Listening to music on my balcony, or a morning snuggle with Jonas

Who is your Icon?

My mother. sound cheesy, but she knows what I do. She goes to porn awards, does interviews and campaigns for LGBT homeless youth. I couldn’t ask for a more supportive person in my life.

What is your ultimate goal? Where do you see yourself being in 5 years time?

I won’t make it to 5 years lol I always joke and say I’ll be gone by 27 haha. Nah in all seriousness, my health in mind and body is all I want to have as a goal. Just keeping it happy and positive. Work wise I just want to be bigger and better at what I do each time I do it.

Thank you Mr Taylor, we appreciate your time and look forward to seeing what happens next. 

Photo Credit: Will Shields – All  Images Supplied by Mickey Taylor

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