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Category: French Twinks

French Twinks, Naked Twink Challenge, Justin LeRoy, Felix Maze

French Naked Twink Contest with Justin LeRoy & Felix Maze

French Twinks – Naked Twink Challenge with Justin LeRoy & Felix Maze The are continuing their sexually charged US journey, and have stopped off in southern California. American Twink Felix Maze meets French Twink Justin LeRoy, and Doryann Marguet has the perfect idea. What better way to break down any language barrier, than with

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US Road Dick Episode 2 – Orgy Time at French Twinks

French Twinks – US Road Dick Episode 2 – French & American Orgy! The sexual adventure of’s “US Road Dick” continues in their next instalment. The gorgeous Paul Delay, Chris Loan, Doryann Marguet and Enzo Lemercier arrive in ultimate city of sin, Las Vegas. After an amazing night out on the town taking in

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Paul Delay, Enzo Lemercier, Chris Loan, Doryann Marguet, French Twinks, US Road Dick

French Twinks US Road Dick Part 1 Enzo Lemercier Hooks Up with Luke Allen

French Twinks – US Road Dick Part 1 Enzo Lemercier meets Luke Allen So decided to take their twinks on an adventure on a lifetime, over in the USA. This was the perfect opportunity for a “US Road Dick”.French Twinks Paul Delay, Enzo Lemercier, Chris Loan and Doryann Marguet start off their naughty adventures taking

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French Twinks – No Paint Brushes Required!

French Twinks “TwinkArt” Well this is a first for French Twinks. Not only have they banged out consistently high quality movies. Not only do they have the cutest and freshest Twinks. Now they have conjured up the idea of creating art. Not the kind of artistic porno movie art but painting art. Yes you read

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Vice Kitchen Part 3 with Jules Laroche & Corentin Tessier

French Twinks Vice Kitchen Part 3 with Jules Laroche & Corentin Tessier Jules Laroche and Corentin Tessier have had a very busy few days at French Twinks. After the demanding visiting chef Chris Loan had forced them to take part in a Twink orgy, something between them has reignited. The business is now improving and

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Chris Loan, French Twinks

The Vice Kitchen Orgy at French Twinks

French Twinks Vice Kitchen Orgy – Chris Loan, Paul Delay, Enzo Lemercier, Jules Laroche & Corentin In this second part of “Vice Kitchen” the tension goes up a notch between the two bosses Corentin and Jules. The crisis ensues and the customers groan. As long as the two boys go to war it will be

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Gabriel Lambert, Chris Loan, French Twinks

French Twink’s Vice Kitchen with Chris Loan & Gabriel Lambert

French Twinks Vice Kitchen with Chris Loan & Gabriel Lambert The Reality TV Chef Chris Loan has come to sort out this French Twink Kitchen. However where as other chef’s start in the kitchen and request food to test, this one comes with a twist. This Chef has an extra special taste for cock! In

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Jules Laroche Paul Delay Doryann Marguet Gabriel Lambert French Twinks

Captain Doryann Marguet Explores New Twinks

French Twinks – Sea Sex & Sun Part 2 Starring Doryann Matguet, Paul Delay, Jules Laroche & Gabriel Lambert French Twinks bring your the next instalment of “Sex, Sea and Sun”. This Time Captain Doryann Marguet and his deck hand Paul Delay offer a deluxe Couple’s Trip. Although you are not supposed to choose your

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